Short Form and Advertising
Advertising Salary
Competitive depending on experience

About The Role

Our Short Form and Commercials team are always on the lookout for excellent talent to join us on a multitude of exciting projects. If you would like to be added to our Talent Pool as a Commercials Director/Creative Lead, please apply below and we’ll reach out once there is a suitable opportunity. 

Our Short-Form and Commercials department is responsible for creating everything at Blue Zoo that is not designed for long-form/episodic. This includes TV commercials, short-form content for brands and organisations and adopting new technology platforms such as VR & AR, with strong character animation underpinning everything we do. 

The Creative Lead is responsible for creative problem solving and communicating clearly between the client and the Blue Zoo team on creative decisions on the project. 

You will be supported by a producer for all production, scheduling and budget issues and you will work closely with the Head of the Short Form department.

We are very happy to discuss flexible, hybrid and remote working options for all our vacancies.

Day to Day:

  • Respond to incoming briefs both with original ideas, exciting visuals and ensuring creative vision is realised to fit a project's budget and schedule scope.
  • Work with the Short Form Producer to understand the timeframe and scope of the project to ensure the schedule is adhered to, flagging any delays as soon as possible and providing creative and technical solutions.
  • If an external Creative/Director maintains an element of “Direction” control, a response will be expected that fits inside of the client's creative vision but responds creatively to elements of a brief that remain open to interpretation.
  • Maintain regular communication with the client on creative decisions and taking a lead in client meetings to set clear creative direction realising the ambition of the project. 
  • Brief the CG supervisor to ensure they are aware of the scope of the project, and have the necessary information to implement workflows and tools that enable artists to realise the brief.
  • Respond to client feedback, and where necessary discuss with the client the reasons for feedback and negotiating the best creative response.
  • Lead briefings with the studio team across all areas of production to ensure that your brief and/or feedback is clearly communicated, and monitor that it continues to develop in line with the goals of the project from a creative standpoint. 
  • Where necessary, you will be required to lead sound design, ensuring voice records, music and FX fit the overall creative objective.
  • Where a client adapts their requirement for a project mid production, you will work closely with the Head of Short Form to negotiate how we can continue to support a campaign, whilst not compromising the creative solution offered by the studio.
  • You may also be required to implement ideas and certain aspects of production yourself. The aspects of production would only be relevant to a currently held skillset, such as animation or lighting and compositing.
  • Advise on recruitment, reviewing showreels and portfolios to ensure the project team has the appropriate creative skillset for a production.
  • Assist with nurturing, supporting  and developing a cohesive and creative team.

About You

Must Have:

  • Excellent leadership and communication skills, with the ability to clearly brief team members. 
  • Creative attitude to visual problem solving in order to find the best approach for meeting a brief.
  • An ability to generate original stories and storytelling ideas.
  • An understanding of design principles, and ability to work with design teams to help visualise ideas.
  • An understanding of sound design and ability to communicate with professionals in this area.
  • Experience working across multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Able to work independently, taking initiative and being reliable.
  • Excellent organisational skills and able to manage time and resources efficiently.
  • Strong understanding of camera direction and editing workflows in order to tell a story.
  • Strong animation skills relating to both character animation and also general motion in shots

Bonus Points:

  • Worked in short form projects previously.

About Us

Blue Zoo is a leading animation studio in the UK, with a world-class reputation as the go-to place for creating bold, fun and characterful animation. Established in London in 2000, the studio has grown to become the largest dedicated CG animation studio in the UK, picking up a shelf full of BAFTAs, an Annie and an Emmy along the way!

We couldn’t be prouder that Blue Zoo is the first major animation studio in the world to receive B Corp certification. We’ve been independently certified by B Lab, a non-profit organisation who award the B Corp certification. The certification verifies companies who are working to improve the lives of employees as well as industries as a whole. The certification process involves over 170 rigorous metrics to improve the lives of our staff, customers, suppliers, and the local community, ensuring we are not just saying we are ethical with empty gestures, but independently evidencing it.

We are going through an exciting period of growth and are building a studio that is full of amazingly talented, happy artists, making work they are proud of, which in turn makes a small contribution to a happier world. Blue Zoo believes that a healthy balance in our lives - whatever our situation - is key to supporting the wellbeing of our staff. We offer flexible working to support this.

We look for people who have expertise, enthusiasm and are motivated to make things better. You’ll work alongside a talented and diverse group of people who respect each other's differences and seek to understand and embrace fresh perspectives. 

What we’ve got for you:

  • Winner of Best Places to Work in TV 2019, 2020 and 2022
  • Inclusive self-funded shorts programme
  • Many fun social events throughout the year - even though some of them have to be remote for the foreseeable!
  • Bi-monthly staff feedback and engagement programme
  • Friday "beer o'clock" and talks programme!
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including loads of discounts and offers
  • Online wellbeing programme
  • Profit share (for staff who have been with us for 2+ years)

Blue Zoo is committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive studio that promotes and values diversity and invites everyone to ‘bring their whole selves’ to work. We believe that companies that truly embrace and value diversity, and create an environment where everyone from any background can do their best work, are better companies. 

To be engaged our people have to feel included and valued. We work hard to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is embedded in the way we work, not just an initiative. We strive to engender a studio community that feels a deep sense of pride and commitment that transcends any role, department or level and works together to produce excellent and engaging work.