3D Lighting & Compositing
Competitive depending on experience
Fixed Term

About The Role

Our Lead lighting and compositing artists (“L&C”) are wonderful visual storytellers and excellent motivators. They lead their team in defining the mood and atmosphere of our narratives, and highlight the charming details of our characters, props and environments. They are the savants of light, colour and creative problem solving. 

Your day-to-day will focus on creating the lighting of our episodes, finessing the colours in compositing, whilst always keeping the right balance between high quality and meeting deadlines. You will also be responsible for distributing work across your team members so that the workload is evenly balanced, and communicate with your supervisor and other departments to make sure the project is running smoothly.

Day to Day:

  • Leading a team of lighting and compositing artists, and regularly communicating with your Team Lead and the Post Production Supervisor. 
  • Creating lighting scenes in Maya with assets from the animation and effects departments and then compositing these rendered shots in Nuke to create the final shot. 
  • Tweaking provided light rigs, render set-ups and compositing templates to achieve the required look of your shot.
  • Tweaking render settings to optimise the efficiency of your renders.
  • Monitoring your renders to ensure they are within a given render time budget.
  • Arranging daily catch ups with your team to make sure they are on track and aware of their daily tasks.
  • Working with the Supervisor to brief your team on new episodes.
  • Managing your team efficiently to meet the deadlines of all assigned shots.
  • Responsible for quality control across your team's episodes, and making sure the episode is presented to the Director and Supervisor in a way that is clean and to the high standard of the production. 
  • Problem solving to fix errors and glitches and addressing notes efficiently.
  • Supervise or work on R&D to make sure any necessary research is done before each episode starts.
  • Producing templates for L&C with or without the support of experienced team members, to maintain consistent quality across your team and support junior team members.  

About You

Must Have:

  • Great communication and a motivational team leader, naturally sharing your knowledge and skills with other team members. Knowledge of lighting principles and how light is used to meet a creative brief, especially in stylised animation.
  • Technical understanding of how lighting works in 3D rendering - different types of lights, render setups, physically based rendering, ray tracing and global illumination - using Maya and a render engine comparable to Redshift.
  • Technical understanding of biased rendering to optimise sampling, making your renders efficient and avoiding noise and artefacts.
  • An understanding of colour theory, aesthetics and composition.
  • Technical understanding of utility passes (Z, Position and Normals) and how they are used in compositing using Nuke.
  • Understanding of camera depth of field.
  • Problem solving skills to find the best approach to meeting the brief as well as troubleshooting issues and asking questions if unsure.
  • Having an eye for detail for scrutinising final shots for any errors or inconsistencies.
  • Able to respond positively to feedback.   
  • Working independently. Being diligent, taking initiative and being reliable.
  • Being organised and managing yours and your team’s time efficiently.
  • Able to help and support your team, contributing to the development and growth of your team members e.g. setting defined goals and giving clear direction.

Bonus Points:

  • 1+ years Lead L&C experience on an animation production
  • 5+ years animation production experience
  • Knowledge of Python scripting
  • Knowledge of After Effects
  • Experience using FTrack
  • Knowledge of shading
  • Understanding of a 3D production pipeline 

About Us

Blue Zoo is a leading animation studio in the UK, with a world-class reputation as the go-to place for creating bold, fun and characterful animation. Established in London in 2000, the studio has grown to become the largest dedicated CG animation studio in the UK, picking up a shelf full of BAFTAs along the way. 
The studio is going through an exciting period of growth and we are building a studio that is full of amazingly talented, happy artists, making work they are proud of, which in turn makes a small contribution to a happier world. 
We look for people who have expertise, enthusiasm and are motivated by change. You’ll work alongside a talented and diverse group of people who respect each other's differences and seek to understand fresh perspectives. 

What we’ve got for you (benefits):

  • Winner of Best Places to Work in TV 2019 and 2020!
  • Inclusive self-funded shorts programme
  • Many fun social events throughout the year - even though they have to be remote for the foreseeable!
  • Bi-monthly staff feedback and engagement programme
  • Friday "beer o'clock" and talks programme!
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including loads of discounts and offers
  • Online wellbeing programme
  • Profit participation (for staff who have been with us for 2+ years)

Blue Zoo is committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive studio that promotes and values diversity and invites everyone to ‘bring their whole selves’ to work. We believe that companies that truly embrace and value diversity, and create an environment where everyone from any background can do their best work, are better companies. 

To be engaged our people have to feel included and valued. We work hard to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is embedded in the way we work, not just an initiative. We strive to engender a studio community that feels a deep sense of pride and commitment that transcends any role, department or level and works together to produce excellent and engaging work.

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    3D Lighting & Compositing
    Competitive depending on experience
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    3D Lighting & Compositing
    Competitive depending on experience
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    3D Lighting & Compositing
    Competitive depending on experience
    Fixed Term